Anonymous asked:
hello myungsoo /shot/ o/ anyways, wanted to stop bye and say that i love your blog ;; it was one of the first ones that i followed when i joined! i love your url leesungyeol omf ♥ and greaseu is cute c; hope you have a wonderful december~

aw, thanks anon <3 sorry i haven’t been really active lately ;A; but i hope you have a wonderful december too!

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Anonymous asked:
wait when do people have sats why do you have sats wtf ur so young im canadian sorry

i think the SAT is generally taken during junior year (11th), but you can take it during sophomore (10th) or senior (12th) year too. i’m 16 lol that’s the right age, it’s not too young

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Anonymous asked:
post/64364437548 hi but i dont think you should be posting these kinds of things? first of all your blog sucks and i dont really know why i follow you because honestly i think you're kind of dumb. also your url is kibums but your bias / sidebar is taemin i just dont think you should be bias whoring like this either. also apparently i heard that you were a frisky person and your followers should know that too so stop hiding behing your internet "fame." but most importantly, THAT WASNT SOOHYUK!!!!


Anonymous asked:
i don understan y u no post gud grups and ppl like soohyuk??? i min he is so gud person and so sex but u no post him dat is prob y ur blog sux.

Anonymous asked:
Do u know a really good Suzy blog? Like really good!

i don’t follow any suzy blogs cause they don’t update much.. but i know of a few~

edits & gifs: baesuejis miss-a-ladies isuzy suzy-ssi isnotcomic-say-a baeesuzy

fyeahs: suzybae fuckyeahsuzymissa piecesofsuji

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Anonymous asked:
How do u feel About Suzy dating sungjoon? :O

in my opinion, they just seem like close friends. dating or not, i’ll be happy for them either way because suzy’s my bias and i’m happy as long as she is

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Anonymous asked:
when i see ur url i think "wow this grl is dumb. y r u so short and u giv 2 mny stndng blow j0bs. u r also nasti becus all u tlk about is d1ck and wnting to suck. i also hurd u do swallow4falo tlk about b desprte. also u dnt rly like taemin bcus ur url is kibum but ur bias is taemin u liar. u also hav bad taste in dramas bcus u suggest dum drama but u also dumb so it even out. u also lik new group 2 much and get new bias eas1. u r nub at life u fertilized egg


Anonymous asked:
you're super cute u v u;;

aw thanks anon, i think you’re cute too (:

Anonymous asked:
jw what do u think about the scandal about myungsoo?

this post basically summarizes everything. i can’t believe that she did this to other idols in the past and now she’s targeting myungsoo. it’s ridiculous that she’s doing this for attention like wtf, you don’t need to damage other idols’ names just for your own attention. i’m sure myungsoo is getting a lot of hate from immature fangirls right now because they think he has a girlfriend. it’s so stupid how some fans think that their bias belongs to them and only them. whether it’s true about your bias being in a relationship or not, you should accept it because after all, they’re still human and they deserve to do whatever they want with their life. they can’t be standing on stage dancing and singing for us the rest of their lives right? there’s a lot of myungsoo fansites that closed because of this scandal. honestly, i think that’s just too much lol. closing a fansite because he’s rumored to be dating? i understand that you guys love him and dedicate your life to him (i do too okay ;_____;) and that it’s painful to hear about him having a girlfriend… but you don’t need to do that over a scandal. myungsoo has done so much for his fans and this is a time when he needs our support the most. 

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Anonymous asked:
pls edit sum junho n da chen n da kris n da soohyuk n da soohyuk+woobin+jonghyun

pls leave

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Anonymous asked:
why so much Suzy today?

why not

because an anon requested suzy edits a few days ago and i have time right now so yeah ;w;

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Anonymous asked:
You know that there is also a "useless" blog for sungyeol of Infinite and Peniel of BTOB??OMG i was like WHAT!!?

is that implying that those members are useless? because that’s ridiculous T___________T btob and infinite wouldn’t be the same if they were missing a member. sungyeol and peniel are both talented and that’s why they debuted as idols

Anonymous asked:
hi! i was just wondering if you could spread the word for this blog? Its a new blog and its meant to help people out when they have problems ^^ thank you!! blog-of-advice(.)tumblr(.)com

hey guys help spread the word & check out this blog (:

Anonymous asked:
hey i was wondering, how'd you get that different font as your title "peter pan" to work. ive trying changing the font but it won't work. how'd you do it?

smallcaps ^^

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