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“Our fans are rice; SHINee is porridge-the existence where one can’t live without the other.” - Taemin

the five six boys that i fell absolutely in love with! lee jinki, kim jonghyun, kim kibum, choi minho, lee taemin & yoogeun! happy 4th anniversary shinee! i have so much to say that i have no idea where to begin! okay, let’s start when i fell in love with you lot. though jonghyun got me really captured in the replay mv, it was also onew that felt quite attracted to as well; maybe it was because both of your voices stood out. however, everything and i mean everything changed when i watched yunhanam and gradually, key was topping the list. hehe i found taemin to be this adorable mushroom boy and minho a quiet yet charming person. to be able to know you five, it was quite an overwhelming part of my life. and from there, my love for shinee grew. i was able to see jinki show his true leadership skills, jonghyun improve his vocals even more, kibum becoming even more bitchier diva than ever, minho opening up to be a very warm person and taemin mature into a very sexy young man. you five were the people who made the days of my life so much more adverturous, trying to keep up with the activities that happened. not once, not once do i ever regret spending these four years suporting you five boys. as another year passes by, i hope that this day is spent wisely but with joy. i specifically chose this picture because it was a time where it was one of those peaks where shinee was the center of my life. i really enjoyed hello baby and those tunnel games and i dearly miss yoogeun. happy 4th anniversary shinee!

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Every shawol knows this song.