very punny, sungyeol


120111 | golden disk awards : red carpet  
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the king of the water gun

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Hoya didn’t stand your aegyo greasiness woohyun 三( ゚Д゚)

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140628 MBC Music Core Mini Fanmeeting
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Truth game: You must answer truthfully, yes or no, to the statement made about you.

when sunggyu tries to get bora to apply suncream on him…

Hoya is always judging…

Well, you know what they say… "Children always tell the truth"

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perfection by the name of lee howon

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    When something bothers Infinite H..
  • Hoya: It really bothers me when a guy comes back from the bathroom and his fly is open. I have to pull him aside and tell him to pull it up.
  • Dongwoo: I'll just secretly pull it up for him

Dongwoo and Myungsoo messing around while Hoya introduces himself