Hoya is always judging…

Well, you know what they say… "Children always tell the truth"

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perfection by the name of lee howon

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    When something bothers Infinite H..
  • Hoya: It really bothers me when a guy comes back from the bathroom and his fly is open. I have to pull him aside and tell him to pull it up.
  • Dongwoo: I'll just secretly pull it up for him

Dongwoo and Myungsoo messing around while Hoya introduces himself

make me choose:

egumoya asked you: hogod or hoaegi 

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140529 | m! countdown 
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7:30 minutes of hoya’s glorious singing (´∀`)♡

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hoaegi trying his best to wake you up~ 

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hoya doing the cutie player and getting shy afterwards (≧◡≦)

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hoya when will you stop

the birth of infinite members by the name ‘jungle law’ and ‘pineapple hoya’