TAEMIN : N is for Noteworthy → his wise and positive words never fails to inspire me. Taemin is an example of someone who overcomes obstacles in life because he always strive his best and think positively

#Happy Taemin Day
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Lee Taemin, too happy to sing sad songs.

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taemin annoying the noona with his awesome counting in english
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junmyeon’s reaction to sehun’s drawing

the abc’s of Kim Kibum
↳ R is for Rude
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no one can ever love themselves more than chen himself lmao [x]

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“They asked me to dance at that time! My mother was very excited, “oh my son is going to dance!” I felt it was embarrassing dancing infront of my mother and people I met for the first time, plus I have never danced before. And then they let me danced the army clap. The audition then ended.” - Changmin on audition at SM.