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why do u love SHINee?

oh god.. There’s so many reasons why I love SHINee. But I suck at explaining but i’ll try haha

SHINee gives me a very special feeling that no other groups can. Every time I listen to their songs, they always put a smile on my face. They were one of the first few groups I liked after I started to listen to k-pop. But they are the only group that I liked for the longest time out of every other group I love. Every member in SHINee is loveable. At first, I only liked Taemin. But as time passed by, I grew to love every member. Other than Infinite, SHINee is my lovely ot5<3 I think after seeing them at SMTown, that made me love them more than I already do. They are all flawless and perfect. 

Taemin - he’s the only bias that I stanned for so long. He was my 2nd ultimate bias ever since I got into k-pop. I didn’t know about k-pop until tumblr, so most of the groups I discovered were from tumblr. I guess I was just scrolling down my dash one day, and I saw a video of Taemin’s debut video. After I watched that video, I started admiring him for his dancing skills. I love how Taemin’s so passionate about dancing. I wish SM gave him more singing lines in their songs, because his voice is beautiful. Watching his debut videos up until the recent ones, he’s grown up so much. He improved a lot, both in singing and dancing. He’s super hardworking, and I admire him for that. I know he doesn’t like being called cute, but I can’t help it lol. He’s naturally cute. Even without trying, he’s the most adorable boy out there♥ When he’s offstage, he’s a little dork that everyone loves. But once he steps his foot on stage, he puts in all his effort. He looks super manly on stage~ When I watched Hello Baby, that’s when I decided he was my ultimate bias at the time. He’s so special. I love how fans said that he was a baby taking care of a baby. And it kind of was that way~ He’s so kiddish, i love him. But the way he played with Yoogeun was so cute. But his role is kind of like an older brother, instead of Yoogeun’s dad. I love how Taemin always cross dresses for a few performances. This boy is so 4d lol. Taemin inspires me so much. He’s my role model. 
Onew - I love onew sfm. He has such a unique voice, and I can always get the mood of the song when he sings. (lol that doesn’t make sense but yeah). I remember him saying that his friends used to make fun of his voice back then. lmfao betches, look who’s laughing now. Whenever I’m listening to SHINee’s songs, his voice stands out. He has the voice of an angel♥ I love how he’s a chicken lover~ His Onew Condition is the best. Always embarassing himself without knowing. During the first few episodes of Hello Baby, Onew always kept a distance from Yoogeun. We can tell that he wanted to care for Yoogeun, but he just didn’t know how. Onew is a very caring leader <3 I like how Onew puts his members’ problems before his. He’ll listen to their problems and try to help them. He doesn’t vent out to his dongsaengs about his problems. He’s one of the best leaders out there. During SHInee’s concert in Japan, when they were performing One, Key cried. I cried after seeing Key cried, but what made me cry even more was seeing Onew turning away from the camera to wipe his tears, but when he turned towards the audience, he had a bright smile on his face. I love his smile. Whenever he smiles, I’ll always smile. I don’t know why, I guess it’s because he has a warm smile (: We’ll always see Onew smiling no matter what. Jonghyun also said that Onew has a fragile heart c: When Onew sang The Name for SWC’s this year, he was amazing. I was glad to see that even when Onew cried, and couldn’t sing anymore; Shawols helped him sing. Proud to be a Shawol♥ While watching him sing Passionate Goodbye, that performance brought tears to my eyes. His voice is beautiful. He puts in so much feeling when he sings a song.
Key - I love Key’s personality. He too, is an amazing dancer. Besides Taemin being the missing member of every girl group, Key is also♥ When I watched Key in Hello Baby, I already started liking him from the start. Even though some people don’t like his “diva-like” personality, I do. It makes him stand out among the other members. Key is SHINee’s umma~ He has an outgoing personality. I love Key’s voice. He has a lot of talent. He can sing, rap, and dance. It’s always between Key and Onew being #2 on my SHINee bias list. But they’re even I guess.. I can’t pick between them :3 Whenever I’m watching a video of Key, I’m usually laughing, unless it’s a sad video lol. But yeah, his personality is really cute~
Jonghyun - At first, I wasn’t really interested in him. But I said that I grew to love every member, remember? ^^ What I love about Jonghyun the most is his voice. To me, I think he has one of the best voices out there~ He has a sweet voice. I love how SHINee likes to joke around and make fun of his height c: I can relate… LOL. I loved watching him in Hello Baby. (lol i keep talking about hb ‘cause that’s the only show i watched shinee on). He’s so sweet for Yoogeun. I like the episode in the beginning where they bought presents for Yoogeun. I love how Jonghyun was trying to keep Yoogeun away from everyone elses’ presents, and bring Yoogeun to like his. lmfao that dork. tbh, I think Jonghyun’s too muscular now.. Short & buff haha. But it’s okay~ If he stops working out for now, it’s good. I hope he doesn’t get too buff in the future ;A;
Minho - Minho is like Jonghyun to me… They’re the 2 members who aren’t my bias, but I still love them anyways. Minho is super handsome. He’s an amazing rapper too. He seems so fierce looking while rapping♥ I like how he’s really caring towards his hyungs and Taemin. You can see that he was really caring towards Yoogeun in Hello Baby too~ the #1 appa lol. Watching the Idol Olympics from last year was the best. All the hype on tumblr for a short amount of time was so funny. And half of the pictures were of Minho derping LOL. He’s an amazing athlete. Maybe because he’s super tall~ And this year too. He won once again for the 110m hurdles. Ugh if only I can be as athletic as him lol.

okay i think i’ll stop here ~
this took up more time than i thought it would LOL